What people are saying...

"The improv games were fun and it gave me more confidence"

Alyssa V, Webster, New York

"(Julie) really opened my eyes and showed me what I could do"

Beth, 14 year old improv student

was chosen to give a presentation in front of 150 colleagues at a convention, and was terrified even thinking about it. I took one of Julie’s public speaking workshops and thanks to her, my presentation could not have gone any better.

Don R, Rochester, NY

he From Here to Some Day workshop was just what I needed. It was fun, and has really helped me to find the time and the courage to follow my dreams. Thank you, Julie!

Marie N, Greece, NY

have been thinking about starting my own business for years. Within one month of taking the Some Day workshop, I have finally started taking steps to make it happen. I highly recommend this workshop!

Joe B, Buffalo, NY

Everybody loves Laugh Class!